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With us, you're family

We do our best to host an intimate setting with the number one goal of encountering Jesus.

Meet the leadership

jason klimis.JPG

Jason Klimis

Head Pastor

steve smirlis.png

Steve Smirlis


brian stephens.png

Brian Stephens

Member Services Director

Our Core Vaules

The presence of Jesus is everything and has the power to shift atmospheres and transform lives.


As God encounters us in His Word, faith is released into our lives. Studying God’s  truth empowers us to believe in who He is, who we are, and how He wants us to live.


Honor recognizes and affirms how valuable and powerful other people are because they are made in His image.


The Father wants us to live in the fullness of the Kingdom, which means that we are to be persistent in prayer, waiting in faith for the Kingdom to break into every situation.


God's goodness is extravagant. As we remember and retell what He has done through our testimonies, faith is created that He is able and eager to do it again. 


We live by faith and not by sight. We are responsible to grow and develop our gifts to their full potential by stepping out in faith, taking risks, and partnering with God.


We worship not just with song and praise but with our lives and thanksgiving.


We are called "to do life" together. We are adopted into God’s family, so we intentionally create family and community wherever we go. 


God is advancing His Kingdom, not just building His Church. Our work and effort, whether big or small, inside or outside the church, is sacred and valuable to God.

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